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Nowadays you do not need to replace any glass due to the vandalism, graffiti or damage on the construction!
You will save up to 80 % of the scratched glass repair costs with us.
We have got a unique technological procedure for the repair of your glass!

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We offer unique solution for removal of glass scratches!
Removing the graffiti and the acid burning of the glass after the graffiti.
You will save up to 50 % of the scratched glass costs with us.

Polishing of scratched glass – acid burnt glass

Glass polishing

leštění poškrábaných skelAt present we are more and  more often confronted with an intentional glass scratching or acid burning. Such glass damages of are very frequent in the construction industry, in the commercial sphere and/or in the means of transportation. They make also unpleasant problems in households when their inner equipment, aquariums etc. have been damaged. Glass can usually be scratched during tidying due to choice of unsuitable means and procedures during its cleaning and washing. The result is usually a scratched glass and the following helplessness how to deal with the scratching.

Polishing of the scratched glass, acid burnt glass?

We offer you a unique solution regarding removal of glass scratches; also removal of graffiti on glass or glass acid burning after the graffiti. Nowadays the glass does not need to be changed because of the vandalism only or when there has been an accident on the construction.

By means of surface modification, starting with removal of scratches on glass and ending with varnishing or glaze we are fortunately able to give the glass its original look back without necessity to change it. Nowadays there is no problem to remove effectively scratches or sprayers´ traces.

Glass polishing technology

leštění poškrábaných skelUp today there has been the most frequent solution of scratches the replacement of damaged glass. Glass replacing was in the most of cases financially costly and connected with time, physical and ecological burdens. For preventing such problems there was developed a technology of the scratched glass polishing which proved in the past to be fully reliable and which in 99 % guarantees the polishing of the glass scratches.

Scratch on the glass - the past

Thanks to this new technology we are able to polish glass scratches and last but not least also to clean the glass burnt by acid or the glass damaged by sparks from an abrasive grinder. We have reliably been solving and removing problems of scratched glass for several years. We use the extraordinarily effective technology thanks to which you can spare to 80% of the repaired scratched glass costs. 

Glass polishing is performed by us both in the interior or the exterior. We use environmentally absolutely safe means and procedures.

We are able to repair a clear window, door, normal, tempered, glued glass, glassed windows and facades, glassware in flats as well as car windows. After the repair and polishing the glass is quite limpid and without any previous scratch or acid burn.



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