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Scratched, acid burnt and otherwise fouled glass all over the Czech Republic and in the neighbouring countries.

leštění skelAleš Vančura
+420 734 266 000
Musílkova 1311/5b, 150 00, Praha 5  

IC – Company Registration Number
IČ: 05015791  
DIC – Tax Identification Number  
DIČ: CZ8111100316    
Physical person registered in the Trade Register on 21st April, 2016
Registered at:  Municipality of Prague 13
Evidence Number of TR Page: OOZU/3721/2016/Puj/4


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We are a company dealing with the damaged glass repairs. We approach you professionally and with a long-term practice. We do our best to face all you problems.




“Trust in us and we help you!”




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